Appointment frequency calculator

Managing weekday appointments at work can be challenging. Most types of service providers don’t offer weekend or evening appointments. And, some work environments and supervisors are unsympathetic toward workers needing to leave work for appointments.

While one person might average 1 appointment per month for basic maintenance/preventative care, someone else could easily have over 5 appointments per month for basic care — just because of different personal circumstances. All personal circumstances that could drive high appointment frequency are legally protected from discrimination. However, managers sometimes don’t connect the dots between personal circumstance, protected class membership, and the need to leave work for appointments.

This problem is more acute for women, for single people who can’t share the burden with a partner, and for those with pets, children, or medical conditions. For example, a worst case scenario would be a single woman with a medical condition who has a pet/child with a medical condition (perhaps necessitating some 9 appointments every month). Furthermore, though employees aren’t required to inform their managers of their personal and medical details (in fact, again, this is protected information), as a practical matter they often must do so, in order to avoid negative perceptions.

Use this calculator to determine your expected average appointment frequency — and to discuss the potential “legitimate” range of weekly work absences (between

Appointment frequency calculator

Note: If you never go to a given type of appointment type "9999".

  Months between appointments
  Primary care
  Eye doctor
  Physical therapist
  Talk therapist
  Specialist 1
  Specialist 2
Personal grooming
  Other 1
  Other 2
  Other 3
Pet care
Child care
  School meeting
  Other 1
  Other 2
  Other 3
Other services
  Car mechanic
  Other 1
  Other 2
  Other 3
  Other 4
  Other 5
Average appointments per week 0.7
Average appointments per month 3.2
Entering 0 indicates you are continuously in this appointment at all times - please enter another value!

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