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Prior to decamping from the corporate world to spend several years caring for her ill husband, the author was a partner in a business strategy consulting firm.  Back in graduate school, she earned the nickname “idea factory” for being a reliable source of extemporaneous ideas on random topics.  So, when dealing with a family medical situation took her away from intellectually-satisfying work, this blog was developed as an alternative sink for analytical musings about life.

Over her career to date, the author has provided strategic advisory services to companies in technology, energy, life sciences, financial services, and manufacturing. author photo3 She made a mark in environmental sustainability by developing the first merchant wind farm in the United States. Later on, she learned about building science, started an innovative interior design business, and became the first-ever LEED Accredited Professional designer in Oregon.  At one point she was recruited to the top M&A investment banking team on Wall Street and found the experience…amusing.

The author graduated in the top of her class from an Ivy League college, where she raked in top honors in her major and her minor and a bunch of other accolades – while working a couple jobs and having one hand tied behind her back.  Subsequently, she earned an MBA with honors from the country’s #1-ranked business school.  She has traveled to >50 countries, climbed four >18k mountains, and learned and then mostly forgotten five languages.  She enjoys kitesurfing, skiing, making things, thinking about stuff, and exploring the world with her beloved dog.

 – Oregon 2010 (updated Colorado 2013)

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