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Feminist kiteboarding

4 min read A friendly shout out to other weekend’s all-male kiteboarding gang:  Thank you for not assaulting me!  Seriously.  …

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Suffering and its discontents: Reflections on the Bronze Age Collapse

8 min read Once upon a time, there was a super-regional trade network of specialized economies that supported widespread prosperity …

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Nature, nurture, and disease transmission

4 min read Bipolar disorder afflicts about 3% of people.  Half of them have a bipolar parent. Therefore, what is …

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The very first nasty woman

5 min read The first woman was also the first “nasty woman”.  (I refer to the misogynist insult – invoked …

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My life in movies (infographic)

An 18-year story, summarized by 12 movies far more effectively than by my own inadequate words:   

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Job search process (infographic)

A retrospective of my own search process offers a benchmark for a “worst-case” job hunt for experienced MBA roles. “Worst-case” …

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Protected: “The Vail Way” (satirical cartoon)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Soulless Relationships

Thomas Moore, the philosopher and former monk who wrote the bible on sex (“The Soul of Sex”) and the bible …

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