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Atheist Grace

4 min read On Thanksgiving Day, Americans of diverse spiritual affiliations follow the tradition of saying grace: atheists who have …

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Foreskin: A 3000 Year Epic

4 min read The Bible is an anthology of foreskin stories and penis parables. The mythical history of Israel begins …

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Feminist kiteboarding

4 min read A friendly shout out to other weekend’s all-male kiteboarding gang:  Thank you for not assaulting me!  Seriously.  …

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Ezekiel Bread and Reading Comprehension

4 min read Food for Life Baking Company makes sprouted whole-grain “Ezekiel 4:9 Bread”.  The southern California-based company characterizes its …

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Decision analysis of friending versus dating

3 min read Online matching platforms are best conceptualized as friend-finders rather than date-finders.  Given how difficult it is to …

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Nature, nurture, and disease transmission

4 min read Bipolar disorder afflicts about 3% of people.  Half of them have a bipolar parent. Therefore, what is …

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Protected: Patriarchal millennials in hipster clothing: How men glorify the “prostitute experience” over the “girlfriend experience”… and why women forsake their own sexual and emotional gratification to accommodate them

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Kiteboarding and climate change

3 min read Colorado’s traditional 4-month snowkiting season on Lake Dillon only lasted 2 months this year.  It started late, …

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