Fabric yardage for custom lampshades

Custom lampshade makers typically require designers to provide substantially more fabric yardage than is actually necessary.  This is result of the slightly involved arithmetic required to calculate how a 3-dimensional shape translates into 2-dimensional surfaces.

Using this calculator to generate a second opinion of (exact theoretical) yardage requirements, you can reduce waste and save money.  (Make sure to increase this theoretical result to a practical yardage amount that contemplates hems, wire-wrapping, selvage, grain direction, pattern placement and bolt width!)

Fabric requirements for conical shades
  Top diameter
  Bottom diameter
  Slant height
  Pattern dimensions:  
a Total radius 18.5
b Radius of inner cutout circle 6.5
c Angle between radial cuts (angle of area discarded) 165
Minimum fabric piece size (x, y)
37     x     21

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