Job search process (infographic)

A retrospective of my own search process offers a benchmark for a “worst-case” job hunt for experienced MBA roles.

“Worst-case” complicating factors in my situation:

(1) By the time my search was over, my last full-time/W2 job had been 8 years prior.  (During that time, I worked as a contractor/consultant — much of the time with a secondary focus, given personal obligations as a caretaker of a sick relative.)

(2) Career interruption had occurred prior to me establishing a clear functional or industry specialization. Returning as a business/strategy generalist is infinitely more challenging than returning to a defined job category — especially since in the intervening 8 years, the business world shifted further toward specialization.

(3) Job search had to be conducted semi-remotely, from a location 3 hours away from the target city. This made it difficult to push things forward aggressively with in-person meetings — and to make the personal pitch necessary to override the resume problems created by #1 and #2 above.

(4) Had zero professional contacts in the city and state when my search began.

Ironically (in light of #1), I ultimately turned down a salaried position with an established old-economy corporation in favor of a 1099 role with a well-funded tech startup (higher risk and reward).


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Job search process infographic

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